The Sacred Art of Smudging
 ​​The Smudging ceremony has been a sacred ritual for the Native American and for many other tribal peoples for thousands of years.It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical and spiritual bodies.It is used to cleanse energy fields.

Come join us and learn:

  • The history of the ceremony
  • How each person, animal, rock, plant and home has an energy field which can capture negative energies
  • What tools you need and why
  • How to keep your environment free from negative energies
  • How to smudge rooms, people, crystals, tools and yourself
  • Which sacred herb to use
  • Practical uses for your life today

Facilitator:  Pamela Heavner

Registration: $25
​Includes complete Smudging Kit

January 10th  6:30-8:30 PM
Healing Connections ​ Sold Out
"This class is a must for anyone interested in Smudging!"    -Steve E.