Life Coach Certification
Become a Life Coach and Help Change Lives for the Better!

Have you felt a calling to be of service to others and to share your lifetime of experience, application, and study in a meaningful way? If you have, this new experiential training could be the answer to your search and can set you on a fulfilling new path as a holistic Life Coach.
Designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills you need to launch a coaching career as a transpersonal Life Coach, you will learn to help people:

  • Understand the meaning and purpose of their lives
  • Set goals and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Discover their true potential and lead a more fulfilling, successful life
  • Change their thought patterns and discover solutions to life’s challenges

Facilitator:  Peter Woodbury
Assistants:  Pamela Heavner and Carrah Chapman

March 5-10, 2017
A.R.E. Virginia Beach, VA